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About Me

My name is Lisa Lucania and I have been a freelance web developer since 2004.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I have always had the desire to be creative. At the age of 27, I decided to pursue a career as a Chef. I attended NY Restaurant School and studied Restaurant Management, Culinary Arts and Pastry Arts. I studied under famous Spanish Chef Felipe Rojas Lombardi for one year at The Ballroom in NYC. During my internship, I had the pleasure of cooking for celebrities such as Peggy Lee, Diana Ross, Tony Bennett, former NY Mayor Ed Koch and Rita Moreno. Because of the diverse Tapas menu, I was able to have my creativity run wild. This was one of the best memories of my career.

Lisa Lucania

Lisa Lucania

In 1994, I decided to make a major move to Florida with my then domestic partner. We moved to Florida’s southeast coast, where I obtained the position of Executive Chef for a family restaurant chain, Bilotti’s Italian Restaurants. Within two years, I was promoted to Regional Executive Chef overseeing five locations.

Unbeknownst to me, one late night in January, 2000, my life and career choices were about to take a major turn. While riding my motorcycle home after a late shift, I had the urge for a burger, so I headed to a local Wendy’s. While making a right turn to my destination, I hit a grease slick and lost control of the bike. My front tire hit the median and I flipped over and lost consciousness. I woke up a few minutes later with a Sheriff Deputy telling me I was going to be okay. My chest was hurting where my cell phone [in my jacket] was. I passed out again. When I awoke two days later, I learned that I had a compound fracture, lost all front teeth and had blood sitting on the brain. I apparently died twice on the table and was resuscitated both times. A few days later the compound fracture got severely infected and I had to go in for two surgeries. I “lived” in the hospital for three months.

I was sent home and was put on a strict rehabilitation program for my leg. The doctor’s weren’t sure if I would incur a 5% or a 15% loss of usage in the ankle/foot area. The therapy would be for 18 months and I would not be able to work. I was at a point where I was not certain if I would be able to be a chef anymore. A chef stands on their legs an average of 12 hours per day. I was scared. That is when the web “bug” bit me. I decided to utilize the 18 months the best way I knew how. Learn a new trade! I was fascinated with the endless creative possibilities in web development. Whether it’s building custom code or designing a custom logo, either way, creativity is needed. Cool, smart coding and design creates cool, smart websites for your business…period.

In 2005, I was hired by boxing promoter Don King Productions and was their webmaster for two years. It was then, in 2007, I decided to make another move. This time, it was the southwest coast of Florida, which is simply beautiful. My leg healed enough for me to go back to being a Chef, which I did. However, I continued doing web development because I enjoyed it so much.

Fast forward 6 years and I have since traded being a chef with being the president of a Non Profit organization for animal welfare. As you already know, I am still a freelance web developer and enjoy every minute. It’s a challenge to build a site that best represents each company, but I have always loved a challenge. I believe I am very good at what I do and always give my clients the fairest rates possible.

Many web developers out there will take your money and run and some don’t even finish the project. You will never have that problem with me. My clients get a signed detailed agreement, a personal live preview link to their website so they can view the progress and a personal client page that explains what has been done and what still needs to be done with their site. I have great clear communication with my clients and want them to refer me to others, so I would never want to ruin that. I work with almost any budget and payment options are available. Just call me and we’ll discuss it.